The 2-Step Presentation Strategy 

Having a sales presentation to a prospect is important and yet, it’s a tough one. Introducing the 2-step presentation strategy! It is a strategic tool of pre-framing the mind of our prospects for them to see what we see. In this way, closing a sale is quicker.

To do this, we have the 2 steps:

1st step: Share The Asset Building program video or booklet
This talks about the 3 phases of achieving freedom. Part of the program is to find a business that can build up capital. Such can open the mind of our prospect to listen to our business presentation. So, you can now..

2nd step: Give The Presentation
This is our STP. You can do it online or face to face presentation. This is more empowered meeting because your prospect is having the same frame mind with you because of the previous step. Please emphasize here that we are not just selling intra but we are selling financial freedom. Intra business is just a vehicle for our seed money to build assets.

1st step - The ABP Video or Booklet

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2nd step - Physical or Online Presentation

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